Dedicated to Divya Prem Sewa Mission

Hi folks!

With absolute optimism and a scintillating energy, I have undertaken this small initiative which might bring a small difference to the lives of these very special kids of Divya Prem Sewa Mission. The goal is to collect 1000 books or more for these young minds. I would request y’all to donate the best books you have at home which you don’t read anymore and can be utilized by the multi talented students of this beautiful organisation. You may also ask your neighbors or other family members to gather books for donation. This is for a noble cause of which we all must be a part. It is a privilege for us all that we are able enough to serve these kids.

My Motivation

       Not many people know about this mission, and neither did I till about a year ago. My father has been an active supporter in helping and one day I asked him what it was about. I learnt that it is related to leprosy afflicted patients and their children. Leprosy is a serious infectious disease that affects the skin, nerves, etc. and can cause parts of the body to fall off in its advanced stages. Fortunately, with early diagnosis and treatment the disease can be cured! People with this disease can continue to lead an active life during and after the treatment but with the stigma attached to the disease, society remains unforgiving and treats these people as outcasts.

          The mission is spearheaded by a messiah who was so shaken by what he saw on the ghats of the holy Ganges, that he decided to do something about it rather than just cluck his tongue. With philanthropic goals in his pure heart, he wanted to seek God by serving the needy.  Ashish Bhaiya, as he is known, felt for these people and wanted to help them. He went to Haridwar and with the help of a few of his supporters, pooled in some money and started treating the patients there. They had children of their own who were in a state of complete physical and mental well-being. Although they were healthy children, they were growing in an unpleasant environment. He wanted to do something for them and hence he made an ashram to facilitate the children with a safe and clean haven where they could grow up to be educated and empowered individuals.

Learning about this, I became enthusiastic to help these children in some small way, to make a contribution and do some good. Meeting them evoked a feeling inside of me that is inexpressible in words. The small way that I have decided to contribute to the lives of the approximately 400 children living in the ashram is by creating a library, an eternity’s Engine. What other way to emancipate your brain than by the help of books!

 As is very rightly said, “nothing is more impotent than an unread library” from Role Models by John Waters. I urge each and every one, who has books they can share, to put them for the good use of the children at Divya Prem. The children will cherish and attach importance to each and every book they would read. Every time they will enter their library they will take a pledge, proclaiming reading to be the greater good. Let us come together and immortalize our favourite books, those we have enjoyed and that can now come alive once again for a child who will laugh, ponder, wonder and get inspired by the most powerful and eternal tool known….. a book. A friend for life!!

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